Eyecare Services

Routine Eye Exam

Recommended Annually

At Monument Family Eye Care, we believe in preventative health and eye care.  Annual exams are important to determine if there have been any changes in your glasses prescription as well as to evaluate the health of your eyes for any changes in the tissue or structures of the eyes and screen for eye disease including glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other conditions that can follow in your family history.  We are sure you’ll leave our clinic well informed and confident that your eye health is in good hands, and that you are seeing the best you can! Call for an appointment to schedule your Routine Annual Eye Exam today!

Contact Lens Exam

Recommended Annually

Contact lenses are medical devices, and it is important to have a licensed optometrist evaluate your contacts on your eyes annually to make sure they fit, are comfortable, and provide the best possible vision for you!  At Monument Family Eye Care we fit only the BEST, HEALTHIEST, and MOST COMFORTABLE contact lenses available.  It is our passion and our job to keep you comfortable in your contacts from morning until night.  Interested in COLORED CONTACTS?? We fit those too! At Monument Family Eye Care, our friendly and experienced staff will make sure you always feel comfortable and well educated on everything you need to know about your contact lenses. Keep your eyes and the eyes of your loved ones healthy! Schedule your Contact Lens Examination today!

Diabetic Eye Exam/Medical Eye Exams

Recommended Annually

It is important to evaluate your eye health annually, especially if you are diabetic (your family doctor will agree!).  Diabetes can affect small blood vessels in your body, and a lot of those small blood vessels are concentrated in your eyes. With a dilated eye exam optometrists can view these blood vessels to determine if they are healthy. Eye doctors are the ONLY doctors that are able to view blood vessels in your body in real time, and our thought process is that if we see problems, there may be problems elsewhere in the body, so we should let your family doctor know so he or she can better care for you as well!

Eye Glasses

Whatever your STYLE or needs, we've got the glasses for YOU

Looking for the coolest frames on the block? Well look no further than Monument Family Eye Care!  We carry a wide variety of frames that will fit all of your fashion needs!

Emergency Eye Evaluation

Recommended...Whenever you need us!

We would be glad to care for and manage any EYE EMERGENCY you might have.  Poke it, prick it, stab it, stick it? We can fix it!  From red, irritated eyes to flashes and floaters in your vision, we are here for ALL of you eye care needs!

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